Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Natalia Nikonorova commented the statements of Ukraine’s representatives in the Contact group

16 October 2019
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The representatives of Ukraine are strong only after the battle - at the sitting of the Contact Group, they voiced only faded excuses for the failure of disengagement in Petrovskoe and Zolotoe. Then it became known from Facebook that Ukraine allegedly voiced certain requirements as well. What can be the requirements for the agreements fulfillment by a party that was forced to sign them after defeats in battles?!

Such fantasies of Kiev representatives can only lead to the becoming Ukraine as a myth itself. The “voiced” requirements completely contradict the essence of Minsk agreements and make their implementation impossible. Everything on conflict resolving in Donbass can be agreed only with the DPR and LPR in accordance with the Package of Measures. Denial of this fact is the road to nowhere, the state is falling to pieces and the rest is built only on lies, which Donbass can no longer brook. The Ukrainian party should understand as soon as possible that such rhetoric only deepens the gap between Donbass and Kiev, between reality and fiction.