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Natalia Nikonorova commented the statement of Vadim Pristaiko about his intention to end the conflict in Donbass in six months

30 August 2019
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The completion of the peace settlement in Donbass in six months is an extremely optimistic forecast from the Ukrainian party, since Kiev has not for 5 years fully fulfilled any of its obligations under the Package of Measures. I would like to believe that the Ukrainian party really intends to accelerate the implementation of Steinmeier’s  formula in the law on the special status of Donbass, consolidate the special status in the Constitution, hold an amnesty and so on, coordinating all the above steps with Republics’ representatives. However, based on practice, we are rather skeptical of such statements - the new Ukrainian authorities have already showed their “creative approach” to the Minsk agreements, and each new initiative only puts off the prospect of a political settlement.

In addition to the statements of Mr. Pristaiko about the intention to "end the conflict in six months," his next words are also interesting. It does not matter for him whether the conflict will be resolved through the implementation of Minsk agreements, or with the help of a foreign peacekeeping mission. In fact, this is a recognition that the Ukrainian party does not understand its obligations under the Minsk agreements - which we have talked about over the past years. We hope that the new leadership of Ukraine is aware of the fact that the Package of Measures remains a non-alternative mechanism for a political settlement, supported by a resolution of the UN Security Council. Only rigorous implementation of its provisions will help us to end the conflict and to establish peace as soon as possible.