Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Foreign Ministry's comment on Polish lawsuits on restitution in Ukraine

21 October 2015
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Yesterday, October 20, 2015 it was reported that Polish organization "Restitution of Kresov" brought more than 600 cases to a court concerning restoration of Polish people rights at property that was passed to Ukraine after the Second World War. First two cases are to be addressed at Ukrainian courts.

For Ukraine the restitution process is not a new one. It is worth to remind that due to lawsuit of Rumania from September 16, 2004 which was pretending at Ukrainian island Zmeiny in the Black Sea, the International Court of Justice stated that it can not be considered in favour of Ukraine at determining her exclusive economical area.

The DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs pays compliments to the will of Polish citizens to renew historical justice and return houses and lands they own legally. After signing Association Agreement with the European Union, Law adoption on Restitution or property return to former owners is obligatory condition. In this regard Polish citizens gained the legal right to return their property on the territory of Western Ukraine.

We also would like to remind the official Kiev that apart from Polish citizens also Hungarian citizens have the right to claim about their rights: they can return their native lands in Zakarpatskiy region through the International Court of Justice. Therefore Ukraine can lose not only Donbass in the years to come but also part of lands in Western Ukraine.

In this regard, claiming itself to be an integrated part of the European society with inevitable fully legitimate member in the EU, Ukraine can really enter Europe, but partially.