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Natalia Nikonorova has commented the results of third anniversary of the Package of Measures signing in Minsk

12 February 2018
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Today is the third anniversary of the signing of Package of Measures to Implement the Minsk Agreements, a document that was supposed to put an end to military operations of Ukraine and to become the basis for a peaceful settlement of this conflict. However, the unchanging destructive position of Kiev, the frank lack of willingness to fulfill its international obligations and indifference to the fate of Donbass inhabitants, caused the crisis in the negotiation process.

The unsolved political issues, such as a procedure for the entry into force of the law on a special status, modalities of local elections, amnesty and the amendments to the constitution of Ukraine, delay the implementation of other items of the Package of Measures. Because it is political issues that should become a basis for an integrated and long-term settlement of the situation in Donbass.

Instead of direct dialogue with the Republic’s representatives, the Ukrainian authorities are increasingly trying to avoid the resulting dead end through an arbitral interpretation of Minsk Agreements and legislative initiative, as in the case of the adoption of Verkhovna Rada the law “on securing sovereignty”. Thus, Ukraine demonstrates its disinterestedness in restoring peace in Donbass, without taking any concrete steps, but only creating illusion of activities to implement the Package of Measures.

Nevertheless, we are confident that this Kiev’s game will not impress the guarantor countries and international organizations that are increasingly aware of Ukraine's unreliability as a participant in diplomatic process.

It is quite obvious that the increasing of the AFU army contingent at the Republican borders is a reflection of Kiev's reluctance to resolve the conflict by diplomatic methods. It is only the third anniversary of Minsk-2 in the face of increasing risks of hostilities resumption, the price of which is the lives of people on both sides of the contact line. A stable peace will come only under strict implementation by the Ukrainian party of all the points of the Package of Measures, and this is possible only by direct interaction and open dialogue with representatives of the Republics.