Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

DPR MFA expressed gratitude to Russia for longstanding humanitarian support to Donbass

12 August 2019
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Five years ago, the Russian Federation sent the first humanitarian convoy, the first convoy of white trucks to Donbass, which have now become a full-fledged symbol of absolute support. Russia has lent a helping hand in a very difficult time for the Republics, when Ukraine carries out military operations against civilians, imposes an economic, transport, humanitarian blockade, enforces restrictions on rights and freedoms at the legislative level and in every possible way demonstrates its frankly hostile attitude towards Donbass people.

But, fortunately, we were not left alone with the enemy. For 5 years the Russian authorities have supported Donbass, they do everything possible to help in our struggle to restore peace, tranquility and prosperity to our land. We are immensely grateful to the fraternal people for their indifference to our inhabitants’ fates and  active participation in the restoration and development of the Republics.