Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Minister of Foreign Affairs Natalia Nikonorova gave an address to the people of Greece

07 April 2022
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The main theses are:

- All president Zelensky's online addresses to the Western audience have one goal: to hide the war crimes the Ukrainian regime has been committing for all 8 years against the Donbass inhabitants and continues to commit until this day.

- Fakes of unimaginable absurdity, blatant lies of staggering scale are being used

- Among the latest examples of the fake genre: the alleged mass execution of civilians by Russian troops in the city of Bucha, Kiev region. There is not a single piece of evidence supporting it, there are only dubious videos, which raise many questions.

- Fakes of the Kiev regime in Mariupol have no limits of cynicism. A whole staged show was created with the involvement of actors, with no mention of what was really going on there.

- Representatives of Greek nationality in Mariupol also suffered from the atrocities of the national battalions.

- The West pretends that there is no Nazism in Ukraine. However, there is a huge amount of irrefutable evidence: the presentation of orders to the fighters of the "Pravyi Sector", diaries, comics, chevrons, stripes, flags with Nazi symbols and "SS" emblems found in the liberated territories, and even such fanatical cruelty as swastikas burned on the bodies of civilians🔞 .

- The virus of Nazism spreading in Ukraine is very dangerous not only for this country itself, but for the whole of Europe. It needs to be ended.

- We call on the world to hear Donbass. We do not hide anything, we invite representatives of foreign media, journalists, bloggers to the Republic to see everything with their own eyes.

- The main weapon against disinformation, fakes and belligerent Nazism is the truth.

- The video with English subtitles is available via this link