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Minsk agreements should not be changed, but implemented in coordination with Republics - Natalia Nikonorova

12 August 2020
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Unfortunately, the new representatives of Ukraine so far demonstrate not a deep understanding of the Minsk process, which we would like to expect from people with such serious experience in politics and diplomacy, but a distorted and often completely contrary to the real state of affairs approach to negotiations.
The ideas regarding the introduction of a new wording on a certain special regime of administrative management are in fact another attempt to rewrite the Minsk agreements, which has already become traditional for Ukraine. However, we are forced to remind from time to time: such attempts were not crowned with success for any of the previous representatives, and, accordingly, will fail this time. It is high time for Kiev to realize and accept the obvious fact - it makes no sense trying to change, supplement or reduce the Package of Measures and other agreements of the Minsk set. They just need to start to be implemented, moreover, in mandatory and consistent coordination with the second party to the conflict - the Republics.
Statements that the Minsk agreements need to be brought in line with the Ukrainian reforms also cause great bewilderment. In reality, everything is exactly the opposite: it is Ukrainian reforms that must be implemented in full accordance with the Package of Measures approved by the UN Security Council. It means that the implementation of a constitutional reform should be carry out, during which the Donbass special status should be enshrined in the country's fundamental law. Statements that this is allegedly unrealistic, firstly, are untrue, secondly, they will not help Kiev to abandon its obligation under the Package of Measures, and, thirdly, they characterize the Ukrainian authorities themselves in a very unfavorable light.
We call upon the representatives of Kiev, both in their speeches for the media and in the course of negotiations, to be guided primarily by the simple truth that the Minsk agreements are the only way to a peaceful settlement of Donbass conflict. Until Ukraine stops distorting the essence of these agreements and substituting concepts, as well as trying to take certain steps to implement the political and other points of the Package of Measures without our agreement, there can be no question of any real settlement.