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We do not hide Russian passports, so Kiev's “disclosure” to these topics are funny and irrelevant- Natalia Nikonorova

18 May 2020
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The day before, the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Reznikov gave an interview to one of the Ukrainian news media, during which he showed a photograph of the Russian passport of my colleague, the representative of the Lugansk People’s Republic at the talks in Minsk. Moreover, the presence of this photo is presented as a kind of “victory” and “great merit of intelligence”, and is also accompanied by comments that allegedly the owners of Russian passports can not represent Donbass in the framework of negotiations.
However, Ukrainian leaders in treir trying to inflate the scandal overlook some points. Firstly, the whole entourage of a passport photograph as a great and monumental exposure is completely inappropriate and even ridiculous, since Mr. Deinogo, and other representatives of the Republics in Minsk, and, in general, all the residents of Donbass who have obtained Russian passports, as for today there are more 200 thousand people are not ashamed and do not hide this fact. On the contrary, we are extremely grateful to the authorities of the Russian Federation and personally to the President for this humane decision to give us the opportunity to obtain citizenship by a simplified procedure. This decision was a necessary measure, since the Ukrainian authorities, which for 6 years have been limiting the people of Donbass in their rights and freedoms, have made and continue to make every effort to maximize the complexity and procedure of crossing the contact line, and to obtain or change any Ukrainian documents.
Secondly, it is necessary to conduct negotiations on conflict settlement with those people who were born, live and work in Donbass, who have not left their homeland. If Kiev is really interested in a settlement, and not in a game for public. The fact that these people have a Russian passport is another reminder for Ukrainian side that every day less and less residents of Donbass believe in Kiev’s peaceful intentions. The more Ukrainian authorities infringe our rights and freedoms, the more hatred and misunderstanding will be present both in the actions of Kiev and in the rhetoric of its representatives, the wider the gap between Ukraine and the Republics will be.
Thirdly, foreseeing all further attempts to “expose” by Ukraine, I publish a photo on which my identification documents are presented. This “set” is typical for Republic’s residents, it very eloquently reflects the course of events in Donbass over a certain time period: we come from the USSR, then we were part of Ukraine, then, after 2014, when the new state betrayed us and launched a war against us, we were forced to defend ourselves and follow our own way, build and develop the Donetsk People’s Republic. While from Ukraine we receive only shells, injuries and deaths of civilians, pain and destruction, an economic, transport blockade, illegal detention and infringement of our rights, from the Russian Federation we receive humanitarian assistance both, as in in the form of white KAMAZ trucks, and in the form of decrees designed to make our lives easier. It’s time for the Kiev authorities to understand: they have made every possible effort to change Donbass, it is not already the Ukrainian region that it was, and they continue. The armed forces shoot their people only for the first time, a second time they shoot foreign people. And Ukraine has fired monstrously in six years.
We are ready to talk with Kiev only on one condition: if the Ukrainian authorities finally realized that they would have to speak with representatives of the Donbass people directly, who now live in the DPR and LPR, and not with some convenient, carefully selected people, who will follow manuals from Kiev technologists.