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Natalia Nikonorova: it's time for Kiev to realize that it is impossible to resolve the conflict without dialogue with Donbass

09 December 2020
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    Summing up the results of the year after the Normandy format summit in Paris, unfortunately, it is not appropriate to talk about any positive shifts in the Minsk negotiation process. 
    None of the three blocks of instructions recorded in the Common agreed conclusions of the Paris summit was fully implemented. We thoroughly covered this topic during a meeting of the UN Security Council, all facts and details voiced by representatives of the Republics are indicated in our reports, which can be found on the official resources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
    Let us briefly emphasize that through the fault of Kiev the order to agree on additional measures to strengthen and control the ceasefire regime was thwarted, which, although they were officially agreed in July 2020, but already in September the Ukrainian side disavowed this agreement, refusing to comply with the fundamental measure on the coordination mechanism for violations verification. Also, Ukraine did not implement the order on the carrying out of new exchanges due to the fact that the previous exchanges were not completed in full due to Kiev's failure to comply with the conditions for "procedural clearance". As well as the instruction to open new checkpoints, since the Ukrainian side prefers to engage in provocations and unilateral actions instead of working on agreed decisions at the Minsk platform. There is no need to talk about activities to coordinate with the Republics the legal aspects of Donbass special status and its consolidation in the Constitution: Kiev cannot even take such an elementary step as to officially confirm its adherence to the Minsk agreements at the level of parliament and the president. 
    Moreover, there is another curious moment: the representatives of Kiev, despite the fact that the Common agreed conclusions was disrupted because of their destructive behavior, allow themselves to speak out that “Ukraine has fulfilled all the conditions stipulated by the meeting in the Normandy format”. The blatant falsity of these statements is obvious to everyone who has familiarized himself with the state of affairs in Donbass and in the Minsk process. Thanks to the opportunity given to us to speak on the key diplomatic arena of the world, there are more and more of these people who understand the true situation. 
    Another thing is interesting: will there be a reaction of the guarantor countries, namely France and Germany, to such statements of Ukraine, taking into account the fact that quite recently we observed their extremely prejudiced attitude towards the parties to the conflict in Donbass? Or will these countries once again take the side of Kiev and thereby further nullify their mission as mediators and guarantors of the Minsk process? We believe that the future of the Normandy format and its function as a control mechanism for peace negotiations largely depends on these issues. 
    In addition, we have a question to the representatives of Ukraine, who constantly say that the responsibility for the ineffectiveness of the Minsk process lies with the Russian Federation: is there even one paragraph in the Package of measures in which at least one Russian obligation to resolve the conflict in Donbass would be enshrined? We are looking forward to a well-reasoned and clear answer to this question, which, by the way, we have repeatedly asked Kiev during the Contact Group meetings. If the Ukrainian leadership, even in the media space, cannot answer this question, then we strongly advise Kiev to abandon hypocritical populism. And finally to think about the need to conduct a dialogue with the second side – representatives of Donbass, without which not a single Normandy Four summit will bring a real settlement of the conflict closer.