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Natalia Nikonorova: while the whole world calls for the implementation of peace agreements, Kiev strives for a force scenario

06 April 2021
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Amid a threatening escalation along the contact line, the Ukrainian president once again appeals for help from his Western patrons. Obviously, he decided to repeat all the mistakes of the previous Ukrainian leader and look for a solution to the conflict anywhere, if only not in the Minsk agreements and not in dialogue with the Republics of Donbass. 

At the same time, the Package of Measures was approved by the UN Security Council and is the only mechanism for a peaceful settlement. But while the entire civilized world talks about the lack of alternative to the Minsk agreements and calls for their implementation, Kiev makes statements about achieving peace through joining a military alliance - an oxymoron, which the Ukrainian leader seriously broadcasts into the media space. Such calls cast doubt on Ukraine's already extremely battered reputation as a negotiating partner. 

It is obvious that such statements by the President of Ukraine, coupled with the cynical shelling of our territory by Ukrainian armed formations and the further tension growth on the contact line, directly indicate that Kiev, in the hope of evading its obligations under the Package of Measures, tries by all in possible ways to provoke the Republics to the implementation of the power scenario and the transfer of the conflict into a hot phase. However, the Ukrainian leadership should remember that we can fully respond to any provocation. However, for now, we remain committed to the Minsk Agreements and call on Kiev to demonstrate the same commitment - in practice, within the Minsk platform and on the ground, and not in bizarre and absurd statements to the media.