Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


17 August 2021
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The draft law "On the Foundations of State Policy of the Transitional Period" approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, as conceived by Ukrainian legislators, should define the "red lines of de-occupation and reintegration" of Donbass and Crimea. But in fact, this document defines only one "red line" - the one with which Kiev gives up on the implementation of the Package of Measures and other Minsk documents.

After studying the text of this draft law we have a feeling that the authors had a goal to maximize the absurd statements, non-existent concepts and the sideline reality events. Thus, the document prescribes “military aggression of Russia against Ukraine”, “occupied territories” and their “reintegration”, the favorite words combination of a number of Ukrainian officials like “transitional justice” and “convalidation”.  But there is not a word about those legal norm that should be enshrined in Ukrainian legislation in accordance with the Package of Measures. Namely, there is not a single mention about of Donbass special status, the implementation of constitutional reform, adoption of legal laws and drafts of the amnesty, elections holding, acknowledgement of the People’s militia status, abolition of laws discriminatory against Donbass residents adopted by Ukrainian parliamentarians within 7 years etc. On the contrary, this bill further infringes upon our rights and freedoms, imposing restrictions on the possibility of electing and being elected to government bodies for the overwhelming majority of Republics’ inhabitants.

At the same time, the most cynical in this bill is formulations like “sustainable peace”, “strengthening social ties with the temporarily occupied territories”, “solving humanitarian problems” and others. It means Kiev seriously expects, using these loud and pretentious slogans, to adopt at the level of the Verkhovna Rada another fundamentally discriminatory normative legal act that violates the Minsk agreements and runs counter to humanity and legality. And then, we have no doubt, to arrange a whole PR campaign out of this action and to trumpet the whole world about their alleged adherence to the Minsk agreements and corresponding obligations.

But in fact, for any person who has read the text of the Package of Measures at least once, the absurd attempts of the Ukrainian authorities to convince the world community that this bill contributes to the implementation of the Minsk agreements is completely understandable. Therefore, Kiev in the future is not expecting the title of a reliable negotiating partner, but rather the very “political, diplomatic and sanctions measures” mentioned in the bill.