Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Natalia Nikonorova stated about inadmissibility of the misinformation spread from Kiev

03 April 2020
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Recently, representatives of the Ukrainian leadership have made particularly intense frequency in media space with statements that are blatantly untrue. Of particular surprise is the fact that representatives of the French and German authorities also join these statements.

Over the past few days, we have heard many accusations against the Republics that we allegedly are not fulfilling our obligations under the agreements reached. However, at least partially true argument proving this thesis was provided by the Ukrainian party. But we, unlike Kiev, have a number of reasons to say that this is not the Republic, but Ukraine sabotages not only the implementation of the basic documents of the Minsk package, but even those agreements that were personally endorsed by the head of the Ukrainian delegation in Minsk and the head of the Ukraine’s president’s office.

Once again, we urge Kiev to spend time and energy not on information stuffing and slander against the Republics, but on the urgent fulfillment of its obligations under the agreements reached, which, moreover, were personally signed by Ukraine’s  representatives, which means attempts to refuse them or changing their content will only aggravate the already extremely unfavorable position of the Ukrainian authorities. And we urge the representatives of France and Germany to study the information of the Minsk process more carefully in order not to get into a mess and not support Ukraine in those statements in which there is practically no reliability and objectivity.