Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


23 March 2021
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Donbass knows very well that the armed formations of Ukraine do not care who they aim at – a soldier, a pensioner, a woman or a child. While at international platforms Ukraine reports on the successful compliance with the Measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime, civilians continue to die. As it happened yesterday.

As a result of targeted sniper fire to the head (, a pensioner, Petr Ivanovich Kot, who was 71 years old, died in Aleksandrovka. The barbaric fire was opened at a time when the man was doing housework in the courtyard of his own house.

It is also extremely cynical that the AFU conducted targeted fire on the same sector for several hours, interfering with the work of the evacuation group. Unfortunately, the bloodshed of civilians is that what Kiev calls “an unprecedented success.”

This is the first case of the civilian’s death since July 27, 2020 – the day the Measures to strengthen the ceasefire came into force. Moreover, in Aleksandrovka it was the last time a victim of the AFU armed aggression before the entry into force of the agreement. On June 22, 2020, a man died in the village as a result of shelling a residential sector with the use of a grenade launcher. The situation was similar to yesterday's – for a long time the incessant AFU fire prevented the evacuation of the body. Aleksandrovka is one of the villages most often under AFU fire. In just two months of this year, two civilians were injured (also as a result of sniper fire) in the same area with a time difference of less than a month.

The targeted and intentional killing of a peaceful, unarmed elderly person is a war crime that has no statute of limitations.

We will continue with double efforts, using all available methods to force Ukraine to return to the agreements signed by them – to the implementation of the package of Measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime of July 22, 2020, including to take the relevant measures and introduced in connection with the position of the Ukrainian side proposals for detailing the coordination mechanism.