Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


18 March 2021
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Representatives of Ukraine at the Minsk platform – Mr. Kravchuk together with Mr. Reznikov – decided to finally break all records for the absurdity and provocativeness of their statements. 

With their outgivings, the representatives of the official Kiev very clearly described the goals and objectives set for them within the framework of the Contact Group meetings: to arrange a “fair and an open house”. So, at first, the Ukrainian representatives introduced some public experts with a very dubious reputation. It should be noted that, although it is extremely unpleasant for us to communicate with these people, we did not make claims, throw tantrums and disrupt negotiations, since this contradicts the logic of a peaceful settlement. However, the mirror invitation to our delegation of public representatives made Kiev extremely hostile. So, guided by instructions directly from the capital, the Ukrainian delegation allowed itself to use rude expressions both in our address and in the address of the OSCE coordinators. Yesterday, the absurdity of this situation reached its climax: the Ukrainian negotiators decided to talk to us in the language of ultimatums and dictate to us whom to include in our delegation and whom to exclude from it. 

We clearly showed, that we will not tolerate attempts at manipulation and interference in our internal affairs, and we are ready to look for a way out of this situation solely through the use of mirror measures. Thus, we offered an absolutely constructive solution even in such an incident artificially provoked by Kiev. But the Ukrainian side is not worried about the constructive: all that is interesting to it is to delay, complicate, bring to the absurdity and disrupt the negotiation process. 

Kiev and its officials should finally understand: no tricks, theatrical performances with the departure of meetings and other dramatic mise-en-scènes will help it avoid its obligations. Neither will it help to hide from the world community the fact of Ukraine's absolute lack of will and desire for the real implementation of the Package of Measures, which has recently become more and more obvious to everyone observing the course of the Minsk process.