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Alexander Kofman's comment about the behavior of Petro Poroshenko at the World Economic Forum in Davos

23 January 2015
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During one of his "heartfelt" speeches at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the President of Ukraine Poroshenko demonstrated the part of the allegedly shelled near Volnovaha bus. Apparently, this "visual aid", according to Poroshenko, should have served as conclusive evidence of the involvement of the Donetsk People's Republic armed forces artillery to this fire.

Well, the argument is really strong. In this regard, one is tempted to parallel with a similar action, occurred in 2003, on the eve of the US invasion to Iraq, by Secretary of State Colin Powell, who demonstrated the vial with an unknown substance at the UN Security Council session. This tube submitted by Powell as a "direct evidence" of the presence of chemical weapons in Baghdad and, apparently, really convinced someone - the war in Iraq has begun.

Poroshenko, apparently, expects that such public events will help him in the realization of plans for the Donbass. For our part, we would recommend Peter Alekseevich to reserve with the new "material evidence" from the recent shelling of bus stops in Leninskiy dstr. (January 22) and Kievskiy dstr. (January 20) of Donetsk and personally submit them to the relevant international bodies.

It is possible that after the demonstrations of that evidences, Peter Alekseevich will have to stay long outside Ukraine as a defendant in a number of crimes against humanity and genocide.