Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Commentary of the Deputy of Minister oconcerning amendments to act of Ukraine “On National Guard of Ukraine”

05 February 2015
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The Adoption by The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the act “On amendments to Law of Ukraine “On National Guard of Ukraine” in our opinion is the logical continuation of all political decisions that Kiev government has been taking during last months.

Special attention should be paid to the amendment to the fifth section of the fifth article of the present Act, which states that nuclear units and materials, radioactive waste and other sources of ionic radiation of state property, important objects and special cargo may be transferred under the National Guard control.

Taking into account that the National Guard of Ukraine was repeatedly spotted using prohibited methods of war waging by against civilians, which has been noted by the foreign observers, we consider these steps as inaccessible and threaten not only Donbass citizens but all border countries. The implementation of such ideas will have inauspicious consequences as we have witnessed uncontrollable actions of the National Guard of Ukraine and its commanders who increasingly act proceeding only their personal interests. It is impossible to estimate the consequences of such steps of Ukrainian government.

The plans of transferring of any objects representing radioactive or biological danger to the hands of “private detachments” should become a serious signal for world society especially for border countries despite their current political view.