Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Kiev Representatives do provocations, but not constructive work - Natalia Nikonorova

03 September 2020
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The office of Ukraine’s President yesterday demonstrated simply a stunning level of hypocrisy and complete isolation from reality. Otherwise, we cannot characterize the statement that was published by this department after the Contact Group meeting.
We repeat once again: no agreement was reached on draft documents relating to mine action and the disengagement of forces and hardware at the last Contact Group meeting. As we have already stated, there is indeed a preliminary consensus between the parties on these projects, but this is not identical with the final agreement and signing.
It is difficult to imagine how many times it is necessary for the representatives of Kiev to voice our main, principled position on this issue so that they can finally assimilate it, but we have to repeat again and again: until the Ukrainian authorities start taking their obligations seriously according to the Minsk agreements and cease to act contrary to these agreements, no real progress and constructive agreements within the framework of the Contact Group can occur. This applies to absolutely all areas of work in Minsk, and that is why we demand from the Ukrainian representatives to settle the issue with the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada on local elections that contradicts the Package of Measures. Our logic is simple and clear - it is impossible in one working group to agree on certain advances and count on their implementation by the Ukrainian side, when at the same time on a n another track, in this case the political one, Kiev grossly violates the fundamental aspects of Minsk agreements.
Instead of finally hearing the second party - Donbass real representatives, and not pocket settlers hiding in Ukraine, and begin to interact with us within the framework of a reasonable and appropriate call to revise the acts of the Verkhovna Rada that contradict the Package of Measures, the representatives of Kiev for some reason perceive the Contact Group meetings as a platform for endless provocations, fakes and distortion of reality. We call on the Ukrainian side to realize that the main document of the Minsk Package, namely the Package of Measures, has this name precisely because the settlement of the conflict is possible only with an complex package approach, and only in the case of the unconditional and substantive parties’s commitment to all, without exception, obligations under to these agreements.