Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

We call on Kiev to fulfill in good faith its obligations under the agreements reached at the Minsk site - Natalia Nikonorova

06 August 2020
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Despite the fact that in Minsk all the members of the Contact group agreed and signed additional measures to control the current ceasefire, which are essential for resolving the Donbass conflict, the Ukrainian party does not fulfill them in the way that is enshrined.
These measures, which took 5 months and a huge effort to be agreed upon, mostly by Republics and the negotiation mediator represented by the Russian Federation, are being carried out by Kiev selectively. It is confirmed by the fact that Ukraine’s representatives, either deliberately or because of incompetence, published an incomplete and distorted list of agreed measures on the website of the Ministry of Defense. Moreover, Kiev's careless approach to the agreement on creation of a coordination mechanism to respond to violations of the ceasefire regime with assistance of the JCCC in its current composition is puzzling. Representatives of Ukraine, for reasons we do not understand, periodically do not respond to calls and written messages in the framework of establishing direct communication between the parties, although this is essentially an elementary condition that is absolutely necessary for building and further functioning of this coordination mechanism.
We call on the Ukrainian authorities and, in particular, the new representatives of Ukraine in Minsk to abandon provocations and sabotage and to devote more time not to statements in the media, but to substantive, conscientious and coordinated work with Republics’ representatives to fulfill all obligations within the framework of the Minsk process.