Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The joint statement of the DPR and LPR plenipotentiaries

16 January 2021
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The Ukrainian leader begins the new year with unbelievable deceitful and cynical statements. Particularly outrageous is the fact that the President of Ukraine broadcasts such blatant disinformation not only to domestic audience, but also to the world community, in particular to the leaders of the Minsk agreements guarantor countries.

The current state of affairs has not changed: Kiev observes ceasefire neither "in general", as stated by Ukrainian authorities, nor in particular. Since the moment when the Ukrainian side disavowed measures to strengthen and control the ceasefire regime, the armed formations of Ukraine regularly shell the Republics’ territory, as a result of which servicemen are killed, civilians are injured, house building and infrastructure are destroyed. At the same time, Kiev methodically disrupts all our appeals to coordinate a new package of measures to control the ceasefire at negotiating table as quickly as possible, finding new excuses and thereby only aggravating the escalation.

Due to the absolutely destructive behavior of the Ukrainian representatives, the negotiation process is being blocked and is now in deep stagnation. Ukraine has still not even reaffirmed its commitment to the Package of Measures, although we have been insisting on this obviously necessary step since July last year, when the Ukrainian parliament adopted yet another normative legal act that directly contradicts the Minsk agreements. Ukrainian representatives continue to refuse direct dialogue and coordination with us on the issues stipulated by the Minsk agreements.

In such conditions, the stories of Vladimir Zelensky about Ukraine’s implementation of all the agreements reached at the summit in December 2019 are a frank, blatant and outright lie voiced personally by the Ukrainian president in a conversation with one of the leaders of the Normandy Four countries".

We regard these statements of the Ukrainian leadership as further evidence of the manipulative, dishonest and inhuman attitude of the current Ukrainian authorities towards Donbass and its inhabitants. However, in this situation, we acknowledge statesmen of Ukraine’s political arena who do not support such behavior of the official authorities and in the course of the peace negotiation process repeatedly showed humanity and desire for constructive participation.

In this regard, the leadership of the Donetsk People's Republic and Lugansk People's Republic, made a decision to unilaterally transfer to the Ukrainian side through the mediation of Viktor Medvedchuk some of Ukraine’s citizens held in detention. He was notified of such a decision by a letter yesterday. This group included women, elderly and people suffering from serious illnesses - people who did not take any part in armed actions against the Republics and upon returning to Ukraine will not be able to harm Donbass and its inhabitants.

This decision was made exclusively as a gesture of humanism and mercy on the eve of one of the main Christian holidays - the Epiphany Day. This day is a good occasion to remember the importance of generosity, humanity and helping one's neighbor, despite the fact that certain people in high offices in Kiev diligently ignore such simple but fundamentally important concepts.