Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


15 November 2021
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Today, an event took place that marks the most important stage in the economic life of Donbass Republics. The decree on the provision of humanitarian support to the residents of Donbass, signed by the President of the Russian Federation, essentially opens up the Russian market for us. This act provides for the removal of restrictions for the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics on the import and export of goods, the recognition of certificates of products’ origin, the abolition of export and import quotas, as well as admission to tender purchases. All these measures will significantly facilitate the procedure for trade between Donbass and Russia, support our enterprises, expand the range of opportunities, production capacities, increase the number of jobs and, in general, contribute to an increase in the level of well-being in Republics.

We are immensely grateful to the President of the Russian Federation for such a humanitarian decision, dictated by the systematic and firm position of the Russian authorities in supporting Donbass residents in conditions of artificial "strangulation" of our economy. For the 8th year Ukraine has been continuing the bloody conflict with shelling of our territories, implementing an inhuman policy of humanitarian, transport, economic blockade, refusal to pay pensions and other social benefits, and complete disregard for its obligations under the Minsk agreements in terms of resolving existing contradictions.

It is noteworthy that for the implementation of this Decree, the Russian Federation is ready to make changes to its legislation necessary for its full and comprehensive implementation. The same cannot be said about Ukraine, which for the seventh year has been unable to make a single amendment to the Constitution and other legal acts stipulated by the Minsk Package documents, as well as to fulfill its other political, economic, humanitarian and other obligations approved by the UN Security Council for the real resumption of peace in Donbass. This is another eloquent example of the utter indifference of Ukrainian officials to the fate of Donbass residents.

Nevertheless, over the years of the conflict, we have in fact become convinced that Donbass has support, with which the authorities of the Republics continue to develop industry, economy and trade. Donbass has enormous potential for growth and prosperity, and today's Decree is another confirmation of this.