Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Ukraine blocks the work of the DFS and VPS, as well as emergency works near the contact line

26 March 2020
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As previously reported, during the repair and restoration work at the transformer substation, the armed forces of Ukraine opened sniper fire in the direction of the repair team and representatives of the DPR in the JCCC, who were monitoring the situation in accordance with the existing mechanism for coordination and security control. As a result of the fire, an unarmed JCCC observer was shot in the right forearm.

We do not exclude that such actions of the armed forces of Ukraine are related to Ukraine’s official representative’s recent threats to the DPR observers in the JCCC, who carry out daily escort of work crews to the Donetsk filter station (DFS) and the Vasilievskaya pumping station (VPS) of the first upraise of the South Donbass water pipeline (SDWP).

It is worth reminding that the agreement to accompany the DFS working shifts rotation by JCCC representatives according to certain regulations was reached in June 2018, after the armed forces of Ukraine fired at a column with station employees from positions occupied in violation of the Minsk agreements, located 170 meters from the station, resulting in 5 injured employees, as well as the refusal of the OSCE SMM to patrol the area after such an incident for security reasons.

Taking into account the above facts, the DPR Representation in the JCCC was forced to temporarily suspend support for the rotation of working shifts of the DFS and VPS. In the absence of security guarantees and escorts, station employees refuse to go to workplace, objectively fearing for their lives. In this regard, the management of KP “Company “Water of Donbass” decided to stop and preserve the DFS, and tomorrow, March 26, to stop and preserve the VPS until Ukrainian side stops hindering the accompanying of rotation of working shifts to both stations by representatives of the DPR in the JCCC.

These actions of the Ukrainian side grossly violate the existing regulations of previously reached agreements. In the midst of loud calls for a truce due to spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Ukrainian side continues shelling the territory of the Republic, creating obstacles to both repair and restoration works and the operation  of life-support facilities that are important for the civilian population on both sides of the contact line.

Today, we sent an official note to the OSCE SMM demanding urgent intervention in resolving the current critical situation and assistance in the early restoration of existing security guarantee mechanisms for the rotation of work shifts to critical water bodies and repair and restoration work in order to prevent additional humanitarian collapse.