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It is time for Ukraine to decide whether it stays in the Minsk process or officially leaves it - Natalia Nikonorova

10 February 2021
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The Ukrainian authorities set all records for the cynicism, aggressiveness and provocativeness of their public statements. In particular, the head of the Ukrainian delegation at Minsk negotiations openly talks about Ukraine's intentions to use force against the residents of Donbass. Moreover, these statements are accompanied by appeals to the international community to support Kiev in its efforts to use "tough" methods. 

With all these publicly expressed theses, as well as the explicitly voiced admission that “there is simply no truce and no one can pretend that it exists”, the Ukrainian representatives in fact confirmed their final withdrawal from the agreement on measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime. More precisely, the Ukrainian party withdrew from these measures back in September 2020, but all this time it tried to show compliance with this agreement. But now, obviously, Kiev can no longer camouflage so many cases of the ceasefire violations by the Ukrainian armed formations. 

Apparently, the representatives of Ukraine at Minsk platform, where the non-alternative peace plan should be implemented to resolve Donbass conflict, have only two arts of extreme rhetoric. They either do their best to pretend that they are observing the ceasefire, or openly call for escalation, because supposedly this is the only way to make the other side of the conflict more accommodating. Neither the first nor the second option has a hint that Ukraine is really interested in the resumption of peace through diplomatic negotiations. 

Nevertheless, Mr. Kravchuk is in parts right: it is really time to start telling the truth, call white as white, and black as black. That is why we demand from Kiev in the very near future to finally decide on its further actions. Either Ukraine remains in the Minsk process and officially confirms its adherence to the Package of Measures at the level of the Verkhovna Rada and the President, or it officially declares its withdrawal from the peace agreements. And we are absolutely sure to inform that Kiev will not be able to maintain the status quo in a situation where the Ukrainian delegation head, who represents this country in the peace negotiations, begins to call for war.