Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


23 January 2021
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Today, on January 23, at 11:40 am, the AFU used an attack UAV, as a result of which, the Donetsk People's Republic defender was killed, being on duty in the defense of the borders near Staromikhaylovka.

Two days earlier, on January 21, the settlements of Staromikhaylovka, Zaichenko, Oktyabr, Bezymennoe, Sakhanka were under the mortar fire of the AFU; as a result of shelling, damage to the housing stock in the settlement of Staromikhaylovka was recorded. In the south of the Republic, one serviceman of the DPR People’s Militia was killed, another was wounded.

The conflict escalation is along the entire front line and precisely through the fault of the Ukrainian side.

Taking into account the criticality of the situation, we were forced to revoke the security guarantees provided earlier for carrying out repair and restoration work on Marinka - Krasnogorovka gas pipeline, as we are obliged to exclude any additional danger to the life and health of civilians.

Let us emphasize that all attempts to use the coordination mechanism end in untenable assurances from the Ukrainian side that allegedly the ceasefire is observed by the AFU. By refusing to admit their guilt and to make efforts to end any violation, Kiev officials are encouraging further shelling and escalation. Therefore, today, given the situation, we were forced to revoke security guarantees and took steps to organize a discussion with the other side of the conflict.