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Ukrainian authorities make unfounded statements instead of working fruitfully in the Minsk format - Natalia Nikonorova

30 March 2020
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Ukraine’s representatives continue to make resonant, but absolutely disconnected from reality statements that do not contribute to the peace settlement in Donbass, but rather, on the contrary, postpone at least any significant progress.

The Ukrainian party perceives as some kind of achievement the fact that no decisions were reached at a meeting of the Contact Group in a video format, although this fundamentally contradicts the agreements of March 11, which were recorded in a protocol signed by the official representative of the Ukrainian delegation in Minsk. Moreover, we hear from Kiev an outright lie that the Normandy format should coordinate the creation of an Advisory Council within a political group. The protocol states that it is necessary to hold consultations with guarantor countries regarding the participation of their representatives in this council, but an agreement in principle on the creation of this advisory body has already been reached. Nevertheless, Ukrainian representatives are trying to present the Contact Groupwork as the “child of the Normandy format”, while ignoring the priority of agreements in the framework of Minsk process, where the parties can meet directly and mutually agree on the issues of conflict resolution.

For the same purpose, Ukrainian officials raise the topic of Russia's alleged involvement in Donbass conflict as a participant - while the documents of Minsk package clearly indicate that the conflict’s parties are Kiev and Donbass, and Russia, as well as the OSCE, performs mediation functions. But the Ukrainian side still does not manage to come to terms with the simple and obvious truth that the conflict arisen is exclusively internal, caused by the huge array of contradictions and claims to power that appeared among the Donbass people after the illegal armed coup in Kiev and the ensuing arbitrariness that followed. Therefore, the Ukrainian leadership must finally understand that it is possible to resolve the situation EXCLUSIVELY through direct interaction with Donbass representatives, and no mantras about the "occupation" by Russia and the lack of subjectivity of the Republics' representatives have long been appropriate. Already even official Ukrainian publications write in plain text about the presence in the Minsk agreements and the protocol of agreements of March 11 of the signatures of representatives of the Republics, which clearly indicate that they have the authority to represent Donbass in the Minsk format.

Also, those terms that we hear from the representatives of Kiev as a control period for achieving progress in the Minsk process are scandalize, otherwise some other plans for resolving the situation will go into the process. Once again, we draw the attention of the Ukrainian authorities that the lack of significant results is entirely their fault and responsibility. Representatives of Republics have been doing everything necessary for more than 5 years to constructively and openly discuss agenda issues. Unlike the Ukrainian party and its desire by all efforts to avoid the coordination of even the smallest issues, and even if such coordination is achieved, then Kiev is sabotaged.

We have already demonstrated exactly that our proposals are being sabotaged by Kiev by publishing those draft documents that were rejected by Ukrainian representatives on March 26.

Instead of using their efforts, time and eloquence to achieve concrete, results-oriented and coordinated decisions within the framework of the Minsk process, the Ukrainian leadership prefers to spend energy on unfounded polemics with the Ukrainian media.