Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

DPR MFA official statement on publication of provocative cartoons in «Charlie Hebdo» magazine

06 November 2015
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At those days, when millions of people all over the world sincerely were expressing condolences and sympathy to Russian people and to number of other countries in connection of tragic loss of 224 people on Sinai Peninsula, famous French magazine «Charlie Hebdo» published a number of cartoons in which it openly mocks at tragedy victims.

It’s difficult to imagine, what happens in mind of people so they consider derision of grief for the whole nation to be absolutely normal and everyday matter. Special bewilderment is raised by the fact, recently the publishing house staff fell victims of blatant tragedy – impertinent and cold-hearted act of terrorism. At that moment in the entire world, including our state, thousands of people sincerely went out on demonstrations with slogan «Je suis Charlie» at hundreds of languages.

Nevertheless, by all appearances, historical lessons, even so tragic are not widely understood in the part of French journalist community. In this regard it would be appropriate to recollect the grotesque story on Nickolay I intention to send 300 thousands «spectators in grey greatcoats» to a stage play in Paris, made in the same style, discrediting the memory of Catherine the Great in order them to hiss the play.

The DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns such manifest of pure mockery on the memory of tragically died people, despite their nationality or other signs. We call on the French authorities to give an adequate estimate towards such facts that by definition can be aimed at the most howling manifestations of xenophobia and misanthropy.