Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Disengagement of forces and means planned by the Contact group in the area of Petrovskoe failed by Ukraine

04 November 2019
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In accordance with the date agreed upon by all participants of the Contact group in Minsk, the practical part of renewing parties' obligations to implement the Framework Decision at the disengagement area near the settlement of Petrovskoe, the Donetsk People’s Republic took the steps prescribed by the approved schedule: on November 2, the OSCE SMM was provided with all the necessary initial information, on November 3 - a notification of readiness to proceed with renewal of the disengagement obligations, and on November 4 a white rocket was launched.

However, similar actions by the Ukrainian party, despite the loud statements of the President of Ukraine, as well as the call of the OSCE SMM Special Representative Martin Sajdik, did not follow: official Kiev again ignored the agreements agreed upon by all participants in the Contact group.

After the meeting in Minsk on October 29, representatives of Ukraine made various kinds of public statements in which, as it became obvious, they paved the way for non-fulfillment of their obligations.

The incessant absolutely meaningless and destructive "games" of seven days of silence and supposedly uncontrollable radical elements clearly demonstrate the true position of the current leadership of Ukraine in the implementation of peace initiatives to resolve the armed conflict in Donbass.

We hope that the OSCE SMM will reflect in its reports the DPR People’s militia readiness to begin the process of eliminating violations, since the Mission representatives were present, although this time at a certain distance from the immediate launch area, but within direct line of sight, they also observed the launch process.

Unfortunately, the goodwill of one side is not enough to de-escalate the conflict - the key point is the synchronism and coordination of the actions of both parties. However, official Kiev still demonstrates a lack of maturity and unwillingness to fulfill its obligations.

We emphasize our commitment to the implementation of the schedule approved by the Contact group. The DPR People’s militia forces are still ready to renew commitments to implement the Framework Decision on a new date agreed by all members of the Contact group.

At the same time, we demand to condemn Ukraine’s failure to fulfill its obligations at the next meetings of the OSCE Permanent Council. We also inform about our intention to consider the fact that the Ukrainian party broke the agreement on disengagement at the next sitting of the Contact Group in Minsk.