Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Statement by DPR Foreign Minister regarding the destructive statements of the French Ambassador in Ukraine

04 February 2020
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The Ukrainian party continues to increase the momentum of its media campaign to disperse the thesis that the Minsk agreements supposedly need to be rewritten or otherwise changed. Unfortunately, under pressure from Kiev, representatives of foreign states began to join these destructive information provocations.

Once again, we recall that the agreements signed in Minsk are a difficult compromise that was reached solely for the opportunity to peacefully resolve the conflict. At one time, we, having the advantage, nevertheless made significant concessions to the Ukrainian party  in terms of agreeing and approving precisely such a content of the political items of the Package of Measures and precisely such a sequence, which was subsequently fixed by both parties to the conflict, and was also approved by the guarantor countries and UN Security Council. We did not agree to any “clarification”, a change in the “sequence of actions” or a search for “interpretations”. Accordingly, calls for this, especially from representatives of France as one of the Normandy Four states, can create additional difficulties for the process of peaceful settlement, which is already extremely complicated.

It should be noted that the guarantors of the Minsk Agreements also have obligations that are enshrined in the Declaration in support of the Package of Measures and consist in full adherence to exactly those provisions that are prescribed in this international legal act. In this regard, we urge Western diplomats to stop supporting Kiev in its desire to revise those agreements on which the life and well-being of millions of people in Donbass depend.