Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Statement by DPR Foreign Minister on inadmissibility of amendments to Minsk agreements

23 January 2020
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If the persistence with which Ukrainian authorities repeat their mantra about the need to amend Minsk agreements was used for the direct and constructive implementation of these agreements, peace would have come long ago to Donbass.

Nevertheless, instead of a real desire for a peaceful settlement, Kiev shows exactly the opposite, regularly declaring its desire to revise the Package of Measures and change its sequence in a favorable direction. At the same time, representatives of Ukraine like to refer to the president’s position, who allegedly stated at the summit of "Normandy format" countries about the need to amend Minsk agreements. However, all joint decisions and instructions following the results of the Paris summit were enshrined in a communique, and there is not a word about certain changes to the text of the Package of Measures. This is not surprising, since the Minsk agreements in February 2015 were provided with a status of an international legal document approved by the UN Security Council, which means that making any amendments to a document of this level is not only impractical, but also impossible.

It should be noted that Minsk agreements are a compromise reached with great difficulty, which helped prevent the continuation of war unleashed by Kiev against its own people, and it still helps. Any revision of it may negatively affect the situation in the region. That is why we remain committed to the Package of Measures and scrupulously fulfill our part of obligations. However, a compromise involves mutual obligations of both parties.

We urge Ukrainian negotiators in Minsk not to go the way of Poroshenko team and not waste time on meaningless attempts to revise the Package of Measures in order to remove from it all the obligations of Kiev to Donbass people, and instead begin to finally implement this document in detail. In particular, representatives of Ukraine in the political group should focus not on media provocations, but on their direct activities in the framework of the Minsk process and, first of all, on the development and coordination with us of all legal aspects of a special status in order to ensure its operation on an ongoing basis (introducing the force of the law on the Donbass special status by integrating Steinmeier's compromise formula into it, drafting and coordinating acts and agreements arising from this law, and securing special status in the Constitution).

I would also like to recall that a few years ago, including the “Normandy format” summit, the principle of synchronization and parallel execution of steps in the field of policy and steps in the field of security was agreed. Any other “sequence” remains only the imagination of individual representatives of Kiev who are new to the history of the negotiation process to resolve the internal conflict in Donbass.