Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Declaration of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPR A. Koffman concerning the ISSUE of freedom of religion in the Republic

17 February 2015
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Taking into account insinuations that there are persecutions and oppression for religious reasons, we think it necessary to stress the utter absurdity, groundlessness and prooflessness of the opinions of this kind.

The persistence with which foreign journalists are trying to bring up the topic of religious intolerance creates an impression that a new provocation is being prepared in the long chain of unsuccessful attempts to slander the Republic. In this connection, forestalling possible provocations, trying to forestall provocative events, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Donetsk People’s Republic officially declares that there is full freedom of religion in the territory of our country. Religion is separated from state in our country and enjoys full autonomy in its activities.

Citizens living in the territory of the Republic have a full right to practice any religion. Freedom of religion is guaranteed to them not only by fundamental norms of international law, but also by the republican government.

Because of it, any untruthful information on this subject in the media is nothing else but a component of crude coercive influence, of the information war led against the people of Donbass.