Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Statement of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the case of persecution of a journalist from Brazil by Ukrainian authorities

31 March 2022
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On March 29, Brazilian journalist André Liohn was forced to leave Ukraine due to persecution, pressure and death threats from the Ukrainian authorities. Apparently, this is the way Kiev decided to implement a law recently signed by the Ukrainian president, which introduces criminal liability for disclosing information about the weapons and troops transfer. At first glance, such an act could have a certain expediency during a martial law. However, if we carefully study its provisions, as well as the first consequences of process of law, an obvious conclusion offers itself: all those who dare to tell information objectionable to the Ukrainian authorities will be equated with criminals for Kiev.

On the example of a journalist from Brazil, we see Kiev's progressive panic fear of the truth, which inevitably leaks out through the screen of Ukrainian propaganda fables. Contrary not only to principles of freedom of speech and humanism, but also to a number of acts of international humanitarian law (the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions, etc.), the Ukrainian authorities are doing everything to make the distinctive “press” sign not be perceived as protection during the armed conflict, but, on the contrary, as a reason to become the number one target in annihilation of all those people who are trying to talk about events in Ukraine from the standpoint of objectivity, humanity and common sense.

Correspondents working in Donbass know this firsthand. Over the 8 years of conflict, many of them were under direct fire from the armed forces of Ukraine, and some, unfortunately, could not return from their editorial assignment. At the cost of own lives, they launched process of insight into the world community, this process is already irreversible. However now for every media representative who has a conscience and professional honor it is critically important to do everything possible to increase the speed of such insight, on which the fate of millions of people depends.

In this regard, we highly recommend, first of all, the Western audience of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs to read an interview of André Liohn to the UOL agency. ( Particularly important is the part in which Mr. Liohn openly admits that it is the Ukrainian authorities that are likely responsible for the deaths of journalists on Ukrainian territory, and not the Russian military, as they say in Ukraine.