Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPR on the regular shelling of Donetsk

22 January 2015
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Today, on the 22d of January, the Ukrainian troops committed another prodigious war crime – the bus stop was shelled in Leninsky district of Donetsk. Missiles also got into the trolleybus, tram, and cars standing nearby. According to the present information, there are more than 10 civilian fatalities and dozens are wounded.

This is a third attack of such kind in recent days after bus shelling attack near Volnovakha and similar incident at the bus stop in Kievskiy district. In all these cases the targets of Ukrainian troops were civilians and social infrastructure objects.

The aim of the people who receive and execute such orders will be investigated. However, preliminary conclusion comes to mind: the main aim of such shells is an attempt to spread panic and fear, aggravate the humanitarian situation, in which our state has appeared.Purposefully and with an extraordinary cruelty, the Ukrainian government is committing an act of genocide over millions of people.

We demand that this tragic event is a new evidence of barbarian crimes of the Kiev government should stimulate the representatives of such authoritative international organizations as the UN and the OSCE to begin an immediate and complex investigation of all war crimes that took place during the Ukrainian aggression against the Donbass people.