Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The DPR Foreign Minister`s statement on deterioration of military situation in the DPR

18 January 2015
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During last few days the military situation in Donetsk became ultimately catastrophic. The Ukrainian army and controlled by Kiev armed bands shell our cities with heavy artillery annihilating civilians and destroying city infrastructure.

Special attention should be paid on cruelty of such shelling. If there were doubts earlier concerning provocations of the troops, that were supposedly uncontrolled by Kiev, now the conclusion is obvious – Donetsk People`s Republic has been insidiously and massively attacking by the Ukrainian side. The main goal of this is the complete destruction of our people, our cities, and our state.

Such actions have all signs of the most serious war crimes and can be compared with the most outrageous cases of genocide for world history. We call on all world society to turn their attention promptly to this situation and exert every effort to cessation of unpunished massive murders in the centre of Europe.