Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Natalia Nikonorova’s statement regarding the disruption of the joint inspection because of Kiev

10 September 2020
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Representatives of Ukraine continue to discredit themselves as negotiating partners, and today's failure to conduct a joint inspection is another evidence of Kiev's inability to negotiate.
Yesterday, during the Contact Group meeting, an agreement was reached to conduct a joint inspection of representatives of the DPR and Ukraine in the JCCC, which, incidentally, was confirmed, among other things, in the official statement of the office of the Ukrainian president. Nevertheless, today this agreement was broken by Kiev, and absolutely ridiculous arguments were used as an excuse. Thus, Ukrainian representatives voiced a requirement to present a negative test for coronavirus, a passport of Ukraine or the Russian Federation, and also to remove the abbreviation and symbols of the DPR from uniforms and certificates.
Such requests are not just inherently absurd, they were voiced literally half an hour before the scheduled start of the inspection, while yesterday at the Contact Group meeting, when the details of the joint inspection were discussed, nothing of the kind was even mentioned.
Nevertheless, no matter how the Ukrainian party tries to cover its refusal to carry out an inspection with allegedly reasons. The fact is a direct breakdown of the agreement solely through the fault of Kiev. At the same time, the real reason for such destructive behavior is well known to us - the Ukrainian armed formations really violated additional measures in terms of fortifications and structures location in the area of the settlement of Shumy. Therefore, the leadership of Ukraine is trying with all its might to hide this state of affairs and to prevent objective monitoring of its positions. Today this was confirmed once again, when the head of the DPR Representation in the JCCC was directly told that under no circumstances would he be allowed to enter the very area where we had previously recorded violations.
Nevertheless, we recommend that the Ukrainian representatives do not think that they will get away with such tricks - Kiev will have to bear responsibility for sabotaging the peace agreements, moreover, including at the level of the Normandy format.