Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


03 November 2020
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Instead of engaging in constructive activities for a real conflict settlement in Donbass, Ukrainian officials devote their time to inventing new reasons for information provocations and stuffing.

The Minister of Ukraine "for reintegration of Donbass" Aleksey Reznikov spoke in the media about the alleged inflow of radioactive water from the "Yuny Kommunar" mine into the horizons of drinking reserves. However, these statements are not true.

The "Yony Kommunar" mine is located in the town of Yunokommunarovsk, which is administratively part of Enakievo. This enterprise was part of the mines group in the Central region of Donbass of the “Ordzhonikidzeugol production association.”

In order to reduce the likelihood of sudden methane emissions, on September 16, 1979, on the eastern wing of the mine field of this enterprise, at a depth of 903 m, a nuclear explosion was made under the code name "Experiment" Cleavage "(the explosion power is roughly comparable to an explosion of 250-300 tons of TNT). The explosion site was localized with 11 concrete bridges, and the mine section adjacent to the charge chamber was completely filled with concrete.

In 2017, specialized scientific organizations, including within the framework of humanitarian assistance with the participation of relevant organizations from the Russian Federation, conducted a comprehensive examination of the “Yuny Kommunar” mine, which resulted in a competent expert opinion. In accordance with the recommendations received, it was decided to turn off the drainage complexes at the “Yuny Kommunar” mine and transfer it to the stage of “wet” conservation.

This decision was not hidden, it was reported in the media.

Moreover, the Republic’s representatives during the negotiations in Minsk repeatedly suggested that the Ukrainian side formulate and send an appropriate request in order to provide Kiev with necessary information regarding the “Yuny Kommunar” mine. However, to date, we have not received any requests from Ukrainian representatives.

We emphasize once again that the situation at the “Yuny Kommunar” mine is stable and is under constant control of specialists. We do not hide anything and are ready to send directly to the IAEA all materials, reports and expert opinions we have.