Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Statement of Natalia Nikonorova on the tragedy in Gorlovka

01 October 2018
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Today’s incident in the so-called “gray zone” between the positions of the parties in the area of Gorlovka and Majorsk inhabited localities is a terrible tragedy. Sabotage and non-compliance by the Ukrainian party with all the points of the Minsk agreements in security field that causes more and more human casualties among civilians, including innocent children, suffering from military aggression initiated by the Ukrainian government.
Over past two years, no necessary progress has been made in the implementation of security arrangements. Almost every day the armed formations of Ukraine break the ceasefire, the prohibited weapons are located in forbidden zones, the coordination of additional control measures is blocked by the Ukrainian party with the connivance of Western curators, which allows the AFU to equip new firing positions near the schools during the so-called “school truce”.
The positions of the parties are still too close to each other. The situation has worsened as a result of the failure of the Ukrainian party of the Framework Decision on two previously implemented pilot lots for the decoupling.
It led to a complete freezing of the coordination of new lots and the implementation of the decoupling and the removal of prohibited weapons along the entire contact line.
Meanwhile, the agreement on the decoupling includes mandatory demining of the breeding lot. Accordingly, carrying out alternately in accordance with the obvious logic of the agreement, it would be possible to avoid many innocent victims among civilians.
But, unfortunately, for the representatives of the Ukrainian government that came to power as a result of the armed coup d'état, the lives of children and civilians have no value.
A terrible tragedy shocked all residents of the Republic. We share the pain of relatives.