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Donetsk People's Republic

Natalia Nikonorova commented absence of the OSCE’s adequate response to use of drones by Ukrainian military in Donbass

03 December 2018
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Ukrainian party continues to cynically violate the cease-fire, using a variety of methods. Recently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have mastered terrorist tactics - the use of UAVs for combat destruction of ground targets.
In November, 7 facts of the using drones were recorded: 4 times in Donetsk direction and 3 times in Gorlovka direction. At the same time, cases of using shock unmanned aerial vehicles against the civilian population of the Republic have become much more frequent, and facts of injuries of civilians as a result of this use have already been recorded. DPR people’s militia took appropriate measures to protect civilians and objects, thanks to which it was possible to prevent the use of drones and to destroy 6 Ukrainian UAVs only in the past month.
Moreover, members of the armed forces took a video of a part of their illegal actions and published on social networks and media in the context of the so-called victories of Ukrainian army. In their reports, members of the armed formations argue that these are allegedly positions of DPR people's militia, but the video clearly shows that Ukrainian UAVs destroyed civilian objects and residential buildings on the territory of Republic.
We believe that such criminal violations of the Minsk agreements requirements on the prohibition of the use of combat aircraft and UAVs by Kiev are a consequence of the lack of adequate response from the OSCE CMM. We are confident that soon these and other illegal actions of the Ukrainian authorities and the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be appropriate assessed.