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Donetsk People's Republic

Statement by Natalia Nikonorova on the fake from the Western and Ukrainian media

12 March 2020
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An information campaign has been started in Western and Ukrainian mass media aimed at discrediting the Donetsk People’s Republic.

On March 3, in the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf (De Telegraaf) an exclusive interview was published by the commander of the ground forces of the Netherlands, Maarten Weijden, in which he accused the defenders of our Republic of not providing assistance to international experts who were searching for the wreckage of the plane and the remains of victims in the area of ​​the crash of flight MH 17.

According to Maarten Weijden, the militia "behaved extremely aggressively, demonstrating disregard for the victims of the crash." To confirm his words, he referred to the statements of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and then Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Frans Timmermans at a meeting of the UN Security Council on July 21, 2014.

During the interview, the Dutch military leader apparently forgot that the Cabinet of Mark Rutte subsequently not only acknowledged all these allegations as speculation, but also expressed regret at the abusive statements addressed to local residents who qualitatively and conscientiously completed the work of collecting the remains of the victims and sending them to Netherlands. He also forgot that immediately after the plane crash, the militia unilaterally announced a ceasefire over the next three days to ensure search work was carried out and guaranteed the safety of everyone who participated in them.

Obviously, the publication authors, striving to appropriately adjust public opinion in anticipation of the opening trial, hoped that readers would not pay attention to these facts and believe the fakes distributed by the largest Dutch newspaper. But they were wrong.

Now about the Ukrainian media. The fake news posted in Telegraaf, without any critical analysis, instantly scattered in the media space of Ukraine. At the same time, Ukrainian propagandists carefully forgot that it was precisely because of shelling of the Malaysian Boeing’s fall area by AFU artillery, that the start of evacuation operations was postponed several times, and Dutch investigators could only arrive at the crash site on August 6, 2014, where they worked, again due to shelling of the Ukrainian artillery, only 20 hours.

Once again, we draw attention of the international community to the inadmissibility of such attempts to distort the truth and urge the Dutch side to stop speculating around the tragedy with the Malaysian Boeing.