Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


18 December 2020
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The situation on the contact line continues to deteriorate rapidly – official Kiev has significantly increased shelling of Republic’s territory with the use of weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. Of particular concern is the significant aggravation in the South of the Republic.

Thus, according to the DPR Representation in the JCCC and in the negotiation process, over the past three days, the armed formations of Ukraine opened fire 4 times with the use of 120 mm mortars in the direction of settlements in the Mariupol direction, while 36 mines were fired.

On December 18, as a result of these shelling, two servicemen of the DPR People's Militia were fatal injured. Since the signing of the Measures to strengthen and control the ceasefire regime, which were disavowed by the Ukrainian party in early September, seven defenders of our Republic have already died, two civilians and one serviceman have been injured. We express our deepest condolences to all the families and friends of the fallen Republic’s heroes!

It remains obvious to us that the Ukrainian side deliberately ignores its obligations and does not want to implement the document we have proposed, which contains detailed parameters for the operation of the coordination mechanism and direct interaction at the level of the JCCC in the current composition to verify and prevent violations.

Every day, representatives of the authorities and the military command of Ukraine are committing more and more egregious crimes. Thus, by formally calling for the observance of "silence" during the New Year holidays, Kiev is aggravating the situation on the contact line.

For the entire world community, it should be obvious that Kiev is fighting not according to generally accepted methods of warfare, but vilely – surreptitiously, not only violating the obligations assumed in Minsk, but also disregarding any notions of humanity.

In this regard, we insist that the guarantor countries of the Minsk agreements and the curators of Ukraine return it to a peaceful, diplomatic path in order to prevent the disruption of the current truce.

We also demand that the Ukrainian side finally begin to agree on the detailed parameters of the coordination mechanism, as direct interaction at the JCCC level to verify and prevent violations and which is provided for by the Measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime.

Otherwise, we have the right to adequately respond to the actions of the armed formations of Ukraine.