Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Statement by Natalia Nikonorova in connection with the shellings of Alexandrovka

04 May 2020
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Today, armed formations of Ukraine shelled the Republic’s territory, as a result of which three children and one adult, who were in the houses’ courtyards in the village of Alexandrovka, were seriously injured by shrapnel. Moreover, the shelling of the houses in Alexandrovka was carried with the use of IFV-2, so, the Ukrainian armed formations were well aware that they were shooting at civilian buildings where civilians live.

This is another flagrant crime of the Ukrainian authorities, under the connivance of which not only adults, but also peaceful, innocent children become victims of shelling. Kiev observes the ceasefire only in words, in the public statements of its officials, and in practice conducts bloody hostilities against the Donbass people. There is no excuse for such an approach from Ukraine, to the extreme cynical and vile. We will make every effort to bring all those responsible in this bombardment to punishment.

In addition, the position of the OSCE SMM, whose representatives were invited to examine the affected children and the scene of the incident, raises a big question. However, they refused this monitoring under the false pretext of visits to hospitals, which is not true, thereby ignoring their direct mission to record all, without exception, facts of ceasefire violations.

We urge the coordinators of the negotiation process to take all necessary and stipulated by the Minsk agreements and the mandate of the OSCE SMM steps to monitor the details of such a flagrant violation of the armistice. We will send a write to this international organization with a corresponding appeal, and we will also raise the issue of shelling and injuring three children and an adult at the next meeting of the Contact Group in order to achieve the necessary proceedings and application of measures of responsibility on the part of the Ukrainian authorities against all those related to this crime.