Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Statement by Natalia Nikonorova on the first anniversary of Vladimir Zelensky’s presidency

20 May 2020
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Today is exactly one year since the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky - a sufficient time period to sum up the first results of his presidency. We remember very well those slogans and promises that a year ago Zelensky voiced in order to win electorate sympathy. We remember also his  “to end the war in Donbass, it is needed to stop shooting”, and “the same people live in Donbass as we ", and “we will agree with everyone, if it will save peoples’ lives". However, the shelling of our territory by Ukrainian armed forces did not decrease at all, civilians continue to die, not only adults but also children are injured, a huge number of houses, buildings, and critical infrastructure are being destroyed.

And in terms of promises about “we will agree on peace” Zelensky’s presidency did not contribute to progress - the Ukrainian side continues to sabotage constructive negotiations with the same methods  . Zelensky’s team, like Poroshenko’s team, is changing representatives in the Contact and working groups, refuses direct dialogue under false pretexts, develops its rhetoric skills, when it is high time to move on from words to actions. At the same time, we would like to recall that the Zelensky party has the majority of votes in parliament, that is why there are all conditions for productive work. But in fact, the Ukrainian side did not even submit a single draft regulatory act for consideration by the Contact Group. In addition, Kiev refuses to agree on additional measures to control the ceasefire and new sections of the disengagement of forces and hardware, the procedural cleaning of exchanged persons has not been completed, pensions and wage arrears are not paid - the Ukrainian side does not offer substantive solutions to these issues, but also rejects all our proposals without explanation. And the situation with the implementation of the political bloc of the Package of Measures is even worse: representatives of Ukraine cannot work out and provide even basic things, such as a list of regulatory acts provided for approval by the Contact Group.

Thus, the first anniversary of Zelensky’s presidency  was marked not only by the aggravation of political chaos in Ukraine and the socio-economic crisis, but also by the greater remoteness of Donbass. The Ukrainian president still does not realize that with the continuation of such an inactive policy, indifference and carelessness to his obligations under the Minsk agreements, the resumption of peace will be possible only in the fabulous universe of Goloborodko. If there is a genuine desire to resolve the conflict in Donbass, it’s high time for the Ukrainian leader to make every effort to establish a direct and productive dialogue with Donbass representatives. And also to start finally hearing the voice of not fake migrants, but of those real residents who stayed in their native cities and want to live under a peaceful sky again.