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Donetsk People's Republic

Natalia Nikonorova commented the statements of Ukrainian president about readiness to leave the Minsk process

07 March 2020
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The President of Ukraine continues to demonstrate not only in the internal media space, but also to the international community, as he understands his obligations under the documents approved by the guarantor countries and the UN Security Council. In particular, Mr. Zelensky almost proudly acknowledges the fact that he is ready to simply refuse to implement the Pqackage of Measures, which is an act of international law, since he allegedly does not want to spend all 5 years of his presidential term on its implementation. At the same time, it is difficult to understand what, in the opinion of the Ukrainian leader, may be more important than the restoration of peace.

However, it is up to the President of Ukraine to decide how to build his high-ranking activities. If Zelensky really wants to bring peace, he has such an opportunity: you just need to stop coming up with ridiculous excuses and finally, in good faith, unconditionally, clearly and literally, begin to implement the Minsk agreements in coordination with Republic’s representatives. In particular, the foundation for the implementation of these agreements is work on the legal aspects of Donbass special status, including its consolidation in the constitution, which was personally confirmed by Zelensky at the summit of the Normandy Four.

But if the current president is closer to the path of armed confrontation and the aggressive rhetoric of his predecessor Poroshenko, who tried to make the Russian Federation a party to the conflict, so as not to communicate with the Republics, we are ready for this option. Only in this case, Kiev should now realize the consequences and prepare, firstly, for the Republic to be able to respond to any provocation by Ukraine in a symmetrical manner, and, secondly, for the inevitable burden of responsibility to the guarantor countries for disruption of Minsk process. And we will move along the path that was chosen by the Donbass people and has been actively implemented for 6 years now.