Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


17 July 2021
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In Budennovsky district of Donetsk, there was a powerful explosion on a gas pipeline along Krasnooktyabrskaya street near the territory of high-voltage towers and the Mushketovo railway station. Only a miracle helped to avoid casualties among the civilian population, but the damage to residential buildings and infrastructure was significant - 14 high-rise buildings and 112 houses of the private sector lost their gas supply, the railroad bed was damaged.

During a preliminary investigation of the incident area, equipment was found indicating that the explosion occurred as a result of a deliberate terrorist attack from Ukraine.

This crime directly violates all the agreements reached in Minsk, including the Measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime, which the Ukrainian side, as well as Republics, signed almost a year ago, on July 22, and from which it did not officially withdraw. Moreover, the terrorist and sabotage methods used by Ukraine are prohibited activities in accordance with 19 universal documents of ​​international law that regulates the prevention and suppression of terrorism.

Moreover, the Ukrainian leadership has enough cynicism at the negotiations of the Contact Group to call for demining, but in fact to carry out the opposite process - mining of infrastructure facilities of the Republic, and even in densely populated peaceful quarters near the capital center.

We invited the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to inspect the explosion area and draw up an appropriate report with recording all the circumstances. We also call on the guarantor countries of the Minsk agreements to use possible pressure on Ukraine so that a thorough investigation is carried out and that all those responsible for this crime are brought to justice.

This issue will also be raised at the next meeting of the Contact Group. DPR Representatives will make every effort to ensure that the international community is fully aware of the lawlessness and provocations that Kiev suits - with all the consequences for the Ukrainian authorities of disseminating truthful information about their criminal acts.