Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

The оfficial statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DPR on another barbarian shelling of Donetsk civilians

04 February 2015
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Today on the 4 February 2015, the massive shelling by Ukrainian artillery took place at Kirovsky district of Donetsk (Tekstilshik microdistrict). The shelling incident has happened at hospital № 27, school №22, local kindergarten and at number of houses and civil infrastructural objects. At present moment, the number of casualties is being specifying. According to confirmed information, there is a child among fatalities.

It is inconceivably, but this atrocity act of Ukrainian Army and armed militants, which are controlled by the Kiev regime, takes targeted the civilians, objects of social significance and city life-support ones. As an example, two days earlier the serious damage was caused to Biological faculty of the Donetsk National University, a number of boiler houses, substations and water lines.

We are sure that such actions go far from sanity and it is a complete failure of Kiev to commit the international law.

We highlight the fact that regular shelling of Donetsk People`s Republic’s peaceful cities and other localities is a monstrous crime against humanity, against all rights and principles of elementary morality.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPR demands bringing to justice all involved criminals at the international level.