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Kiev’s desire to condemn the elections in Donbass did not find any support in the Contact group

08 November 2018
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At a sitting of the political working group and other working groups in Minsk yesterday, the Ukraine’s representatives used any excuse to declare the inconsistency of the elections on November 11 with Minsk agreements and to achieve a joint statement by the Contact group on their condemnation.
We had to explain the obvious things once again. The
Package of Measures contains conditions only about local elections - elections of heads and councils of cities, districts, villages and towns. There is no prohibition, not even a mention of the elections of the Heads and People’s Councils of Republics in the Minsk agreements. Accordingly, the elections on November 11 cannot contradict these documents. We have repeatedly reaffirmed our commitment to both the Minsk agreements and peaceful conflict resolving between Republics and Ukraine. We once again drew attention to the fact that the holding of elections was an urgent need that arose in connection with the murder of the Minsk agreements signatory Alexander Zakharchenko, in which the Ukrainian authorities, according to the investigation, are directly involved. Without paying any attention to our arguments, the representatives of Kiev tried to achieve their goal through discussion of this issue in the Contact Group.
 However, they failed to do it. There was no consensus. Even the OSCE coordinator, despite personal sympathy for the position of Kiev, expressed the hope that the electoral process would not impede the implementation of Minsk agreements. I want to note that at least in the political group representatives of Republics with the mediation efforts of Russia and the OSCE, are trying to do everything possible to carry out the practical work on implementation of the Minsk agreements, and we will continue our efforts. And every day the fact that Ukraine does not fulfill its obligations under the Minsk agreements is becoming increasingly obvious not only for the mediators, but also for the whole world.

DPR Representative in a political group
Natalia Sergeevna Mikhailova.