Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

“Children of the World” Solidarity Action Goes On

16 October 2015
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June 1, 2015 a solidarity action “Children of the World” which is still going on in many cities and countries has started in Donetsk. Within the framework of events dedicated to this action, children of the Donetsk People's Republic have expressed their desire of peace and good in the drawings format.

The action was initialized by the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Donetsk People`s Republic, the drawings were provided by primary school pupils of Makeevka Gymnasium and Donetsk school №32.

Despite the fact that several months have passed, the “Children of the World” solidarity action still represents huge interest to all those who are not indifferent to the Donbass children. The Youth branch of the Party "United Russia", together with the representative of the Matushkino Youth Chamber Ilya Chernousov and "Dawn" Foundation organized and held two exhibitions of children's drawings named "Two World of the Donbass Children" in Moscow (Russia).

According to the organizers, another exhibition is going to take place at the end of which there will be a competition to determine the author of the best drawing. A Commission composed of the local political council members will select three winners who are to be awarded with the prizes.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPR expresses huge gratitude towards I. Chernousov, M.Romanenkova, Z.Rymarchuk, Youth branch of the Party "United Russia", “Zarya” Foundation for supporting “Children of the World” solidarity action. Owing to your efforts, people got to know about feelings and emotions of our children. We hope sincerely that children`s art left a mark in every person`s soul.