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Spanish activists protest against war in Donbass

25 September 2015
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September 23, 2015 a rally took place near the MFA building in Madrid against military intervention of the West in conflicts on Syria and Donbass territories. The organizer of this rally – international alliance of organizations « Global Platform Against Wars » uniting citizens who support peaceful initiatives and condemn the US policy aimed at formation of world domination.

Hundreds of partial Spanish citizens went on Madrid streets to protest against Western activities in Donbass and Syria. The chief coordinator of « Global Platform Against Wars » Serzh Marks stressed that the main idea of this rally was the protest of the European citizens against American Imperialism and fascism whose assertors kill the civilians not only in Syria but in the DPR.

Earlier, the representatives of « Global Platform Against Wars » adopted manifesto «Against the war – against the NATO». The manifesto was supported by many famous Western public activists, in particular Nobel Peace Prize winners Adolfo Perez Eskiquvel and Mairead Maguire, the writer and political expert Stella Calloni, the UNESCO Ex-Secretary General Federico Mayor Zaragoza and famous scientist-physicst Ahmed Bensaada.