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Preview: December 3, 2015, Fallen Defenders of Homeland Memorial Opening in Amvrosievka

03 December 2015
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On Thursday, December 3, 2015, under the auspices of Russian military-historical community, organized by the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Republic Research Union «Donbass» - Fallen known and unknown Defenders of Homeland Memorial solemn opening is to take place in Amvrosievka.

Within the honored invited guests:

  1. The DPR Head – Aleksandr Zakharchenko.
  2. The DPR Foreign Minister – Aleksandr Kofman.
  3. The DPR People`s Council Chairman – Denis Pushilin.
  4. Plenipotentiary of the Republic of South Ossetia – Taimuraz Gibizov.
  5. The DPR Acting Minister of Culture – Mikhail Zheltiakov.
  6. The DPR Minister of Defense – Vladimir Kononov.
  7. The DPR Minister of Internal Affairs – Aleksei Dikiy.
  8. The DPR Minister of State Security – Sergei Lukashevich.
  9. The DPR Minister of Emergency Defense Aleksei Kostrubitskiy.
  10. The DPR Head Administration Department on Foreign Policy – Aleksandr Afendikov.
  11. The Head of Amvrosievka area – Nikolai Tarasenko.
  12. First Deputy of Amvrosievka Head Administration – Vladimir Dubovka.
  13. AmvrosievkaCity Administration Deputy Head – Natalia Dokuka.
  14. Amvrosievka area Administration Director – Elena Fisenko.
  15. Commandant of VK 7 VCH/08816 Roman Parkhomenko. Representatives of military-historical community:Mikhail Miagkov, scientific director; Petr Tikhonov, Chief Specialist; Evgeniy Politov, Leading Specialist.
  16. The LPR People’s Council First Deputy Chairman – Svetlana Gizai.
  17. Mordovia Republic Non-governmental organization «Archive-Research group «»Bronia» Aleksei Kuznetsov.
  18. Non-governmental movement « Research movement of Russia » Rostov regional department leader, Rostov regional club «Memorial-Research» - Vladimir Sherbanov.
  19. Rostov area Research Organization leader – Aleksandr Pavlenko.  
  20. Non-governmental movement «Research movement of Russia » representatives Viktor Chutskov and Larisa Valukhova.
  21. Republic Research Union Leader – Aleksandr Maltsev.
  22. Poet, singer Vladimir Skobtsov.

Similar to Memorial presentation the remains burial ceremony of 40 soldiers and Red Army commanders is to take place revealed in 2015 by Republic Research Union «Donbass». In the same day two monuments «For Soviet Soldier» in Russia are to be opened on the territory of «Siniavskie Vysoty» Memorial, Leningrad area and in Verigino village, Tver area.

In this regard, the DPR and Russian citizens one more time can express the unity and solidarity between fraternal nations.

Memorial solemn opening start at 12:00, address – Michurina St., Amvrosievka.

We would like to invite all media representatives to take part in the event.

Media is provided with transport.

Please register by e-mail: (or phone. 066-389-10-79) (media name, staff full names, contact phone) till 6 PM 02.12.15.

All media using their own kind of transport should be registered too (security service demand)

Departure time: 09:30 AM, December 3, 2015, start in Artyoma St. 97 (former Ministry of Coal)