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Damien Viguier: «I’m going to the good side of Ukraine, in Novorossia, in Donbass»

01 December 2015
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Within the period from November 20 till 23, 2015 French advocate Damien Viguier visited the Donetsk People’s Republic. The main goal of his visit was seeing the truth on happening in Donbass.

During stay in the Republic, Damien Viguier visited regular Committee on Foreign Policy and International Ties sitting chaired by the People’s Council member Aleksandr Khriakov. Aleksandr told about problems of international relations` formation in conditions of absence of the Donetsk People’s Republic recognition by international institutions and pointed out on the DPR legal system being framing in accordance with norms of international law.

Also Damien took an active part in the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs round table sitting. On the agenda of a sitting were detecting and fixation of made war crimes and crimes against the humanity and damage caused by Ukraine on the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Round table  took place with participation of the DPR Foreign Minister Aleksandr Kofman, Russian Regional Fund of Vladimir Fedorov «Patriot», the DPR Lawyers Council Chairman Aleksei Zhigulin, the DPR People’s Council Committee on Foreign Policy and International Ties Aleksandr Khriakov and also the DPR authorized authorities.

 Back on Homeland, Damien posted video turning (English translation below the video):

"I’m going to the good side of Ukraine, in Novorossia, in Donbass.

I’m going there with working visit to meet with colleagues-advocates. In order to point a strategy in legal aspect, as I’m not a military man, I’m a law representative. That is why the aim is to decide on strategy for protection and standing for the rights of peoples that want to live in freedom.

In such questions, it’s better to go on the place setting in order to see everything with own eyes. Up-front I can resume the situation by the following:

Ukraine till 1989 was Eastern country (Eastern-European), Slavonic one. Country inhabited by fraternal nations and Russians are part of it. But from this moment – maybe earlier – NATO started taking action aiming to annex Ukraine for transferring it under the US influence sphere. The events speeded during the Olympic Games in Sochi. And now the civil war is there, peculiar for getting to the step under which from the classical law, from the Kiev government side it should have happen… And the government came to the power illegally by the coup. Beingrecognizedbyhigher-powermakesitastate. Legalstate. But in this regard it is necessary to behave towards Donbass states in the same way. They have the police within the borders, both Luhansk and Donetsk have army that has uniform and apply rules of martial law. In this regard proceeding from my analysis of the situation we have all prerequisites for withdrawal from the civil war.

I always think from the point of two time lines. If we were living in the 18th century period, everything would have happened as I described: Kiev government would recognize Donbass states, they would be recognized by Russia, France, etc.

Unfortunately, everything that is happening on the other part of the world is similar to the events in Syria, this is what the humankind should understand whether it continues living in the US total domination conditions that oppresses civilians by inhuman means, including accusations against the humanity, but this is the obvious change of ideas. Do we continue living in this system of world domination, that has no ending as world domination in reality is impossible? Disasters and chaos are possible which we observe and some of them favor with the US. In other words it last for a long period. The question is if we continue living like this or the situation would change in the favor of those who are called multi-polar world because of the opposition happening in Ukraine and in Syria. In which higher power kept each one in balance and international law could have appeared.

That is what on my opinion is happening in this world region."

The DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs is sure such foreign guests` visits would turn attention of world community not only to the conflict in Donbass, but to military and social crimes of Kiev government against its people.