Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Delegation of the Donetsk People's Republic arrived in Tskhinvali to celebrate the Republic Day

20 September 2022
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The DPR delegation included Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Natalia Mikhailova, Deputy of the People's Council Vasily Pertsev, and a representative of the Head of the DPR in the People's Council Aleksey Sukhinin.

The first official meeting of the delegates during the visit took place with President Alan Gagloev, who noted that the path chosen by South Ossetia, Donetsk, and Lugansk People's Republics is the only right one. He assured that after the end of the war, South Ossetia will continue to support the peoples of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Natalia Mikhailova, in turn, expressed her gratitude to the Ossetian soldiers fighting in Donbass:

“Your soldiers always support ours. They are always there, fighting side by side against injustice, for the preservation of our history and our future. We have established not just relationships, but a connection for centuries».

The Deputy Minister also expressed hope that after the bringing of peace, the republics will actively cooperate in various spheres, as there are a lot of common points between South Ossetia and the DPR.

In addition, the DPR delegation met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia Akhsar Dzhioev. At the meeting, the sides discussed areas of bilateral cooperation, as well as considered the prospects for expanding interstate interaction in areas of mutual interest.

Within the framework of the planned agenda, delegates from the DPR will attend solemn celebrations in Tskhinvali dedicated to the Republic of South Ossetia Day.