Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic

Memorial Day of Russians who fulfilled their official duty outside their Motherland

15 February 2015
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Exactly 26 years ago the last Soviet soldiers left Afghanistan, having with honor fulfilled the international duty. On this day, we pay homage to all who valiantly defended the interests of the Motherland, were faithful to the oath and their Motherland. 

With deeply felt sorrow do we commemorate soldiers and officers who gave their lives while fulfilling their military duty outside their Motherland. 

The Soviet term “international duty” is acquiring a new meaning today, which includes both the defense of a people’s right to self-determination and the effort to save human lives. Following the call of the heart and their inner duty, many thousands of volunteers from all corners of the former USSR decided to defend the people of Donbass, continuing the glorious traditions of Soldiers-Internationalists.

Your heroism, valor, self-sacrificing service to the Motherland are an example for all of us. 

We wish all Soldiers-Internationalists a peaceful sky above their heads, robust health and well-being.